Clark Kent

1994 - 2000Posted by L. Ipsum



It all began at Mulligan's in Temple Terrace in June of 1994. Before the crisis, the band went by the name of Clark Kent. The members were mostly the same as they were they just decided to change the name after years because we were tired of it. The band actually thought about changing the name for several years we just couldn't come up with anything better. Finally in the fall of 2000 the band re branded itself and became Identity Crisis and if you think about it, didn't Clark Kent actually have an identity crisis? Not telling anyone his real identity in our minds is a crisis.

Readers' Poll: The 10 Bands you want to see Reunite Right Now

January 25, 2014by Andy Greene


The reunion tour has been a rock & roll staple ever since Traffic got back together in 1970. Solo projects fail, funds dwindle and suddenly, the petty issues that broke up your band no longer seem so important. The bands that have split and reformed are too numerous to list, and this summer, Outkast and the Replacements will be added to it.
We figured this was a good time to ask the RollingStone readers which bands they want to see reunite next.
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