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As an artist today my palette is made up of photographymusicgraphic design and unbridled creativity. No longer do I use my 35mm film, Xacto knives, markers, dip pens and rub off lettering, now my palette is contained inside a 15 inch silver magical box, digital SLR, acoustic guitar and a wireless port hole to the world. 

I can design, illustrate, photograph, write, play and create music, as well as catch & release a largemouth bass. 
When I take a good photo it inspires me. I enjoy doing something with the photos. I create art, my art is graphic design and visual expression, it's color, unity, balance, and flow, yet it's commercial. The satisfaction I receive from promoting, branding, communicating or just creating a cool design makes me feel as good as any type of artist can about their own creations.

Thanks for being here!


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Craig Naylor Studio - Since 1988


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