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Naylor & Kent




2018 - 2021

Naylor & Kent

Bring it on back - #1 streamed song - I want to be sedated (Over 15m)

2017 Southbound - #1 streamed song - Southbound
2021 Selfie Control - #1 streamed song - Down by the water



Craig Naylor and Warren Kent have been playing music together for over forty years. In the early years it was just the two acoustic guitars playing to anyone that would listen to a very limited number of tunes the two had in common. It wasn't until the late 80's that Craig asked Warren to play lead guitar for the brand new group he was with the NowMuffins (formerly known as the Damned Disciples). After a couple of years with the NowMuffins the group managed to put out 4 albums and a full length movie of Naylor's award winning 35th backyard birthday concert in 1990. After the self proclaimed Muffins became "Bigger than Huge" and as most bands do, the artistic direction and committments of the six member group become unsustainable and the members quietly went their own direction. This is where and when Naylor and Kent went to the studio instead of the road. Over the next 2 years the duo wrote and recorded, demos and covers only, under the name of Das Sniffum. None of these earlyrecordings were released. In 1993 the duo hooked up with Carl Marchand and formed Clark Kent which was basically a cover band playing mostly in the Temple Terrace FL area and private parties. Clark Kent did manage to put out the single "Flying away in a dream" in 1994 which featured Craig's wife Lorri on the lead vocal. In 1996 Naylor and Marchand regrouped and renamed the group Identity Crisis after Warren left the group and was replaced by former 1910 Fruitgum Company's Bruce Shay in 1998. Warren rejoined the Crisis in 2002 and the band continued to play all over the Tampa Bay area until 2008. The guitars slipped out of their hands while raising families and careers took over for for the next 7 years. In late 2014 "NowMuffins2015" the reunion of the bands is announced which brought Naylor & Kent back together. This time without the band and the super talents that came with it the two of them decided to go back to where they left off in 1993 and thus the 2016 release of "Bring it on Back." the duo's first fully digital self-produced CD of the 21st century. To their surprise, the cover version of Joey Ramone's "I wanna be sedated" continues to be streamed and gaining more popularityalmost daily on Spotify since it's release date in April 2016, thanks Mom.


Heading South released - April 2017

Ask any musician, what type of music do they play? The answer is often difficult one for many reasons. The best answer for N&K is that you would probably find them somewhere between rock n roll & country. Their early influences include everything from country, folk, roots rock n roll and pop. Add to that, the regional influence of the great music that has come from the state of Florida and this would place their original music in the "Americana" category if you had to pick one. The rest of the set list would be a mystery. The selection of songs the group performs is best described as eclectic. The first song could be a show tune or a popular song from the 1960's, the next one could be who knows what? They choose songs that you know but you may not have heard in a while. The duo is always in search of the type song that may have been popular but never over played. They also choose the songs that compliment their own original compositions to make for a nice balanced yet diverse musical set and performance.


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Hear latest release

N&K's latest release

Selfie Control EP - 2021

Listen Here


Heading South - Naylor & Kent - EP

"Get off the phone" was inspired by the word "phubbing" which means; The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying. I need you, only you and Muffins Love song #9 are two previously unreleased NowMuffin tunes borrowed from Mr. Steven Gentle. Southbound is an original written by Warren Kent. Finally the cover tune' Is you is or is you ain't my baby?" an old time favorite from the early 50's by Louis Jordan. This song has also been covered by Joe Jackson, Dr. John & BB King, and now Naylor & Kent.
Heading South

Available at CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music April 2017.

This release contains 4 original songs and one cover.

Bring It On Back
Released April 2016
This CD is a digital remake, redo, remix and remastering of music from the duos former group's collection of songs including a couple of NowMuffin tunes as well as number borrowed from the Ramones.

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May 20, 2021