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by Craig Naylor

"Behind the lense, I find the blend of technology and creativity fascinating, sometimes frustrating, other times rewarding but often very therapeutic".



Lifetime List

Passerine Collection


Random Collection

Rivers of Florida


Concert Collection




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  Concerts & Musicians

Arlo Guthrie

Livingston Taylor

Bob Patterson - The Obscure Brothers

Chatham County Line

Sarah Stovall - Passerine

Jim Stafford

Webb Wilder

Rita Coolidge

Paul Garfinkel


The Anderson Brothers

Charley Simmons - The Obscure Brothers

Brother Brother

Melissa Bowman - The Krickets

Brett Anderson - Brother Brother

Bert Hodge - The Skinny Lizards

Chris Carlson

Chris Clark - The Skinny Lizards

Elisabeth Williamson - The Driftwoods

Chris Carlson & Duffy Bishop

Flagship Romance

Lauren Spring - The Krickets

Mark Sanders - The Skinny Lizards


Michael Reno Harrell

Mike Palecki - Mimi & the Hearndogs

Mimi & the Hearndogs

Michael Jurgenson - 2pm

Pete Price - 2pm

Pete Hennings - 2pm

Galen Curry - The Currys

Jimmy Curry - The Currys

Tommy Curry - The Currys

Les Dudek - Steve Miller Band

Red Henry - The Allstar Band

Grant Peeples


Tom Chapin

David Brain - Passerine


7lbs of Bacon Mess

Back Porch Revival

Danny Goddard

Larry Magnum

Lucky Mud