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by Craig Naylor

2015 The Year of the Bird

In January of 2015 I decided to take two of my life-long interests and merge them with each other . Enter the "Lifetime Birdlist" , my goal was to photograph as many species as possible during this, my unofficial "Big Year"and to get a jump start on the new list. After spending hundreds of hours in the woods, parks, urban backstreets and shorelines of Florida, Colorado and Kentucky I ended up with well over 10 thousand photos which have taken the next two years to sort through, discard and organize. By the end of the year 2015 the official count was at 118 different birds. Since then the list has been growing slow but steady as you can see my progress posted below, don't forget to click on the images to see the high resolution versions of the photos. My personal goal for this lifetime list is 300 birds which is more ambitious then I originally thought considering there are over 900 in North America alone.


The photos are numbered so you don't have to count for accuracy. NOTE: whenever you see a little red camera icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image, it means that I did not get a good close up and their still on my photo list.



Lifetime List



Random Collection

Rivers of Florida


Concert Collection

Florida Folk



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There's more to see, click on the photos below to view the entire high resolution image

  Lifetime Photo Birdlist

1-American Crow

2-American Goldfinch

3-Barn Swallow

4-Black & White Warbler

5-Brown Pelican

6-Brown Thrasher

7-Buff Orpington Duck

8-Bullock's Oriole

9-Canada Goose

10-Cardinal (female)

11-Carolina Wren

12-Field Sparrow

13-Gray Catbird

14-Gray Goose

15-Black Crowned Night Heron

16-Purple Galinule

17-Great White Heron

18-Green Heron

19-Hermit Thrush

20-House Wren

21-House Sparrow


23-Laughing Gull

24-Lesser Goldfinch

25-Lesser Scaup

26-Marsh Sandpiper


28-Northern Parula Warbler

29-Red Bellied Woodpecker

30-Rock Wren

31-Roseate Spoonbill

32-Royal Tern

33-Ruddy Turnstone

34-Sandhill Crane

35-Savannah Sparrow

36-Scarlet Ibis

37-Snowy Egret

38-Song Sparrow

39-Tri-Colored Heron

40-Tufted Titmouse

41-Western Kingbird

42-Western Scub Jay

43-Western Wood-Pewee

44-White-Crowned Pigeon (FL Keys only)

45-White Ibis

46-Wood Duck

47-Wood Stork

48-Yellow Crested Flycatcher

49-Yellow Warbler

50-Acadian Flycatcher

51-American Avocet

52-American Bittern

53-American Coot

54-American Kestral

55-Bald Eagle

56-Black Muscovey Duck

57-Black Sweedish Duck

58-Black Vulture

59-Black-Billed Magpie

60-Black-Chinned Hummingbird

61-Black-Headed Grosbeak

62-Blue Jay

63-Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

64-Boat-Tailed Grackle (F)

65-Brown-Headed Cowbird

66-Carolina Chicadee

67-Cattle Egret

68-Cedar Waxwing

69-Common Gallinue

70-Common Grackle

71-Common Merganser

72-Common Tern

73-Cooper's Hawk

74-Crested Caracara

75-Double Crested Cormorant

76-Downy Woodpecker (F)

77-Eastern Kingbird

78-Eastern Bluebird

79-Eastern Phoebe

80-Eastern Towee

81-English Sparrow

82-Eurasian Collered Dove

83-European Starlings


85-Florida Scrub Jay

86-Great Blue Heron

87-Great Egret

88-Great Horned Owl

89-Green-Winged Teal

90-Ground Dove

91- Hooded Merganser

92-Hooded Warbler

93-House Finch

94-Lesser Black-Backed Gull


96-Little Blue Heron

97-Loggerhead Shrike

98-Magnificent Frigate

99-Melin Falcon

100-Mexican Mallard

101-Mourning Dove

102-Muskovey Duck

103-Nanday Parakeet

104-Northern Mockingbird

105-Northern Shoveler

106-Olive-Sided Flycatcher

107-Orchard Oriole


109-Oven Bird

110-Palm Warbler

111-Pekin Duck

112-Paragine Falcon

113-Pied-Billed Grebe


115-Pileated Woodpecker

116-Pine Warbler

117-Prarie Warbler

118-Red Head Duck

119-Red-Winged Blackbird

120-Red Sholdered Hawk

121-Ring-Billed Seagull


123-Yellow-Rumped Warbler

124-Screech Owl


126-Spotted Towee

127-Swallow-Tailed Kite

128-White Pelican

129-Wild Turkey

130-Yellow-Breasted Chat

131-Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

132-White Mallard Duck

133-Belted Kingfisher

134-Tree Swallow

135-Red-Headed Woodpecker

136-American Redstart (f)

137-Barred Owl

138-Common Yellow-throated Warbler

139-Eastern Wood Peewee

140-Field Sparrow

141-Great Crested Flycatcher

142-Hairy Woodpecker

143-Ladderback Woodpecker

144-Lark Bunting

145-Lazilu Bunting

146-Perrigrine Falcon

147-Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

148-Solitary Sandpiper

149-Swamp Sparrow

150-Yellow-Rumped Warbler

151-Yellow-Throated Vereo

152-Yellow-Throated Warbler