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The NowMuffins



1987-1991 - The Beginnings

As nature can equal the wildest flights of the imagination, and as the tendency of scientific experiments is to yield results gratyfing to the experimenter,  "Muffin Music" suggests that we not limit our view to a preconceived reality; that it is possible to see beyond to a greater, essentially irrational universe that is revealed to us through the unreasoned oddities of human experience.



Clark Kent - 1994-2000

Identity Crisis - 2000-2010

Naylor & Kent - 2015 -

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The NowMuffins
Released 1990 - Muffin Music Unlimited

Bigger than Huge

This recording would become the first piece of legitimate work created by the band up to this point. All of these songs were written and recorded by the band members. Some of the songs like Muffintoon, Bigger than huge and Did Jamaica? are fundamentally "Muffin Music". Other songs like "She said she" and "Shadow girl" present the listening audience with a softer and yet more robust listening nugget. This would be the single album to add to the collection if you were only allowed only one as your choice.

Fit for human consumption

The Movie
Released April 2016
Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, not available. There were only 50 VHS tapes made and distributed between April and September of 1990. The whereabouts to those originals is unknown. Rumor has it that there were several DVD copies converted but not confirmed. CNaylor studio retains all rights and does have a digital version. Excerpts from the movie can be found at and also there are a few on the MML Facebook page.
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seeking validation

The NowMuffins




















Seeking Validation 1989

It was time to get serious, the muffin fans were growing and it was time for the band to step up and give them some real music. Then came the next recording this one, "Seeking Validation". That's exactly what the Muffins needed "Validation". Were they the giants of music that they pretended to be or not? This recording will always speak to the question and the listener ultimatley discovers that answer. This band had not a single rehearsal before going into the studio to produce and record all 23 songs in a single day and they still had time to throw away all of the furnitue and carpet in the recording studio that was trashed during the session. Although there are actual references in the Muffin Movie to this album being voted as the number one album of the 80's by Rolling Stone Magazine, that's not entirely true even though we saw that magazine in the film some say it was just another prop, others will always disagree.

The Band

Craig Naylor - Guitar & Vocals
Steve Gentle - Guitar & Vocals
Kelly Aldridge - Bass & Vocals
Warren Kent - Lead Guitar
Chris Fuller - Keyboards
David Gentle - Percussion