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"As a designer I live in a world of temporary art. Most of my creations are terminal

and have a limited life span before they are replaced by the next one."

C. Naylor


First of all I'm an artist. My palette is made up of photography, music, graphic design and unbridled creativity. No longer do I use my 35mm film, Xacto knives, markers, dip pens and rub off lettering, now my palette is contained inside a 15 inch silver magical box, digital SLR, acoustic guitar and a wireless port hole to the world.

I can design, illustrate, photograph, write, play, produce music, and fish for largemouth bass.
So here it is : I love music, it makes me want to create. When I hear good music I love to take photos of the musicians as I listen. When I take a good photo it inspires me. I have to do something with the photos. I create art, my art is graphic design and visual expression, it's color, unity, balance, and flow, yet it's commercial. The satisfaction I receive from promoting, branding, communicating or just creating a cool design makes me feel as good as Vincent, Pablo or Toulouse ever could.


So thanks for being here. _ cLn



Naylor Studio - since 1988

latest release

Naylor & Kent - EP
The new EP is here "Heading South" was released on April 1, 2017, it contains 4 new originals and one cover song as a tribute to Louis Jordan.
Heading South

Available at CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music, Target and more.

Hear it Now

Bring It On Back
Released April 2016
This CD is a digital remake, redo, remix and remastering of music from the duos former group's collection of songs including a couple of NowMuffin tunes as well as a number borrowed from the Ramones.
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Jonathan Edwards

What a thrill, I met Jonathan Edwards at his Bonita Springs concert in March. Yody yody yada . . . he has my business card.






If you have an opportunity and if you were ever a fan, you want to give this one a listen.

"Tomorrow's Child." Produced by Darrell Scott and featuring a number of Nashville luminaries, from Shawn Colvin to Jerry Douglas, John Cowan, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and others! Jonathan is very pleased to present this studio album that feels like a live recording with a living room feel.

Jonathan Edwards Website