N&K's new EP - "Heading South" in final stages

Released: April 21, 2016
Lifetime friends and band mates Craig Naylor & Warren Kent have teamed up and have produced a new CD and now can be downloaded at CDBaby.com. It is also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify andmany others . The CD is a digital remake, redo, remix and remastering of music from the duos former group's collection of songs including a couple of NowMuffin tunes as well as a number borrowed from the Ramones. The CD is complete and can be heard exclusively right here for free. This CD is rumored to be just the prelude to their next CD with all new material expected to be released some time in early 2017. It has been said that Naylor is preparing to retire and is working on his music funded IRA account in order to secure an earlier exit from his current teaching position in Tampa, FL.
Craig & Warren are available for private parties and events contact CNaylor Studio for BOOKINGS.

Bigger Than Huge - Available Exclusively at CDBaby


1990 Muffin Mania

As nature can equal the wildest flights of the imagination, and as the tendency of scientific experiments is to yield results gratyfing to the experimenter,
"Muffin Music" suggests that we not limit our view to a preconceived reality; that it is possible to see beyond to a greater, essentially irrational universe that is revealed to us through the unreasoned oddities of human experience.


Readers' Poll: The 10 Bands you want to see Reunite Right Now

January 25, 2014by Andy Greene


On January 20, 1990 Craig Naylor said "never again" then he said "maybe in 20 years." Well it's been 24 years and counting come on already. Here's what we know, agents have been contacted, contracts are being prepared, there have been major changes at Sour Dough and it looks like the rumors could come true. Somewhere out there is a pig flying over a frozen hell because we have heard from reliable sources that there has been commitments made by several of the key players. It's about time for that "back yard double throw down awesome" rock n roll" It's time to revisit "Muffin Mania" one last time.
The reunion tour has been a rock & roll staple ever since Traffic got back together in 1970. Solo projects fail, funds dwindle and suddenly, the petty issues that broke up your band no longer seem so important. The bands that have split and reformed are too numerous to list, and this summer, Outkast and the Replacements will be added to it.
We figured this was a good time to ask the RollingStone readers which bands they want to see reunite next.
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